Harry Potter!!!!!! :D

The midnight for the LAST Harry Potter movie is this Fridayyy!!!!!! Yesssssssssss!! I’ve still got the last two books + movies to do before Friday though! Then I am going to Camp-Ney-A-Ti to be a counselor for the second year!! And throughout this week I will be doing church and youth group stuff and helping out with kids and my mom and sister will be coming back from Ecuador!! BUSY WEEK.

3 thoughts on “Harry Potter!!!!!! :D

  1. WWHHHAAAAAAT????!! You STILL aren’t finished with the books/movies??? I would have expected faster of you, Claire!! What is “Camp-Ney-A-Ti”? What were your mom and sister doing in Ecuador? And that DOES sound busy.

  2. I wasn’t finished with them cause I have being super mega busy lately!! I read the last one in one day though- the day I was going to the midnight premiere. Camp Ney-A-Ti is a camp my church goes to that I have to be help out and be a counselor in. My mom and sister were doing mission work. And yes it was and I am still going!! I have Home Ec classes with my Grandmother (she used to teach it) starting Thursday.

  3. It’s good you finished your marathon right in time! 🙂 And I’m guessing that you’d be REALLY good at Home Ec.! 😉

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