My poor, poor blog…. sitting here not being used! So I shall catch up to speed on some things….

first off, if you people are short on reading ideas:

PENDRAGON series, THE ALCHEMIST series, HUNGER GAMES series, GONE series, and all Cassandra Clare books. (love her.)

so those are a few of the books I have been recently reading…. oh, and if you are wondering whether or not to buy a NOOK (by Barnes & Noble) do. It’s so good. you get free short stories and classic novels and every Friday is Free Friday where you get a free book. I haven’t even bought a book yet on it cause I get so much free stuff!! also books that are normally $20 are now $10 at the most. so definitely not a waste of money.

next, things I have been up to:

well school’s school, with fun projects in World History like acting out Persian and Greek wars and making a comic strip. science is difficult as always, we are doing a lab about osmosis (cause apparently it will be on the SAT testing) with eggs, vinegar, corn syrup, and good ole water. in english we are covering grammar, although the best part was when we had a mystery unit. math is math, which i am luckily skilled at! (math team this year!) we have jazz band, and are going to play my girl for our next concert. so yeah, life’s life!

The Outsiders- Jerry’s POV

        Today Mrs. O’Briant and I were taking the kids up to Jay Mountain for a school picnic. The kids were so excited that they all laughed and sang songs on the way there and the weather looked good. Once there, we all eat lunches and after 5 five minutes of pleading, Mrs. O’Briant and I decide to let the kids run around and play for about and hour and a half.  Instead of chasing the boys around everywhere like Mrs. O’Briant, I decide to sit with the girls and watch them make flower necklaces and crowns. After about 40 minutes of peace, Mrs. O’Briant comes running. “Please don’t let it be Brad,” I think. He was always acting crazy and only I could stop him. She came over, but she didn’t mention Brad. “The old church is on fire!!”
I calm down Mrs. O’Briant and the kids while calling the fire department. Then I make sure the kids stay away from the church. While watching the kids, I feel someone tap my shoulder. It was a boy with blonde hair, around 14. “What’s going on?” he asks. So I reply, “Well we don’t know for sure. We were having a school picnic up here and the first thing we knew, the place was burning up. Thank goodness this is wet season and the old thing is worthless anyway.” Then when I looked back at the kids they were edging closer to the fire. “Stand back children,” I say, “The firemen will be coming soon.” Then the blonde boy turned to his friend, a jet-black haired boy around 16 and they started talking. Right then Mrs. O’Briant came running, “Jerry, some of the kids are missing.” “They’re probably around here somewhere, you can’t tell with all this excitement where they might be.” “No,” she said, shaking her head, “They’ve been missing for at least a half an hour. I thought they were climbing the hill…” That was when we all heard yelling coming from the church, the kids were in there!
Mrs. O’Briant turned dead-white. “I told them not to play in the church… I told them…” She started freaking out, so I shook her, trying to calm her. Then the blonde-haired boy started sprinting towards the church, it was a strain catching up with him. But I caught his arm and yelled, “I’ll get them. You kids stay out!” But he kept running, with his dark-haired friend right on his tail. He ran up, slammed a rock through the window, then went through. His friend followed close behind. When I got there I tried to get in but I couldn’t get fit! So I stood back and watched the church worriedly. While I was staring through the window, one of the kids comes out! Then another. Then another! Then, David. He had some explaining to do. But where were the boys? There comes one, the blonde boy. But his back is on fire!! As soon as I registered that another boy with white-blonde hair smacks the boy so hard he faints. As the boy is being slapped I hear timber crashing and the screams of the dark-haired boy. We instantly get him out and call for an ambulance.

Summer Still Busy

My summer is still wayyy too busy!! I have church tomorrow and then Home Economics classes with my grandmother (she used to teach it) start and I will be doing that for a couple days before I go back home. (my grandparents live in TN) Will I ever get rest?! Also today I have been super cleaning and organizing my room (ON MY OWN- so proud of myself) so now I am tireddd!! Wuhhhhhooooooooo!!!

Harry Potter!!!!!! :D

The midnight for the LAST Harry Potter movie is this Fridayyy!!!!!! Yesssssssssss!! I’ve still got the last two books + movies to do before Friday though! Then I am going to Camp-Ney-A-Ti to be a counselor for the second year!! And throughout this week I will be doing church and youth group stuff and helping out with kids and my mom and sister will be coming back from Ecuador!! BUSY WEEK.

Hey Hey Hey!!

So I’ve been looking at you peoples blogs and none are ya’ll are writing anymore!! just cause it’s summer doesn’t mean you people shouldn’t be blogging!! anyways… 🙂 how’s summer been? good? amazing? better than amazing? AWESOME!! mine’s been very good, very busy, you know, the usual. Comment and tell me whatcha been doing this fine summer of 2011!!


Okay, I was looking at some photos on the internet, and some were ridiculous, but true!! check it out:

these are cool aren’t they?(: they’re all photos of really cool bedrooms, houses, and the one at the beginning was a staircase. Which photo was your favorite? Comment and tell me!!

Gregor the Overlander Series By Suzanne Collins

Okay, so I wanted some new books to read. And my sister has her own personal library. So, I asked her what she thought I should read. And she asked if I’d read the Gregor books and I said no so that’s how it started!! They’re not exactly for my age, (they’re for a little younger kids) but that’s okay! They were still really good books. So, here’s what the first one is like. And down worry, I’m not spoiling anything! So there’s this 11 year old boy Gregor and he has a mom, grandma, an 8 year old sister Lizzie, and a 3 year old sister Boots. They all live in an apartment in NYC, with not the best living conditions. Their dad disappeared a couple of years ago so they live off of their mother’s salary. And she works a lot for her kids. So one day Lizzie went off to summer camp and Gregor’s mom was working and his grandma was crazy so he had to babysit Boots. And while he was babysitting Boots he had to do the laundry so he brought her with him. But she fell down this space next to the washer in the laundry room and Gregor went after her. They both found themselves in the Underland, filled with humans and creatures like spiders (spinners), bats (fliers), cockroaches (crawlers), and rats (gnawers). When he gets there he finds out his father has been held captive of the gnawers all these years so he and Boots go with a group of creatures and humans to save his father, sucking himself into the prophecy in which Gregor is the warrior and he must kill the rat king. Can he do it?! Read the book to find out!! Then read the rest of the books. They’re really good. Here’s the series in order:

Gregor the Overlander

Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane

Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods

Gregor and the Marks of Secret

Gregor and the Code of Claw


Haha sorry I forgot to do another post about…

SCHOOL’S OVER!!(: Soooo happy!! To tell you the truth though, this is my first free day so far this summer. Although I might not call it free because I had to go over to my Aunt Rachel’s and play with my little cousins Davis and Campbell. It wasn’t torture or anything, I love them!! It’s just that it wasn’t my idea to go down there or anything. Anyways, my summer has been okay so far!(: I’m just worried about how bored I might get…. /:     oh well. it’s still cool!! haha cool. summer’s not cool. it’s burning hot!

Terrific Thursday!!

Tomorrow is going to be amazing!! First off, I get to miss school to help out with my old elementary school’s field day!! It will be very fun. The only bad thing is I have to go back to my school at 12:00. But, hey, I’m missing school! Then, that night, I get to see the midnight premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides!! It will be soooooo good!!

also..... next week is our last week of school!! We are almost done!!!!(:  ♥

“The Journal of a Jew in the 1939 Warsaw Ghetto” by Me!

Hello, I am Annegret Freud and I am a Jew in the Warsaw Ghetto. I am going to die soon, so I shall document my life in this hell in the middle of heaven.  But first I need to take this story back to the beginning, the beginning of 1939. We lived in a house. That is, my family and I. My father, Arnold Freud and my mother, Gratia Freud. It was a very pretty little house with white windows and a little garden in the backyard where my mother and I would plant and take care of daffodils, carnations, and some lilly of the valley. It was so pretty and I shall remember it forever. On the inside was two bedrooms, one for me and one for my parents of course. I loved my room because I had a big room where I could look outside and see our beautiful little garden. And, if I opened my window,  I could smell the flowers! We also had one bathroom, one very big and nice kitchen, and the living room. Now the living room was always one of my favorite places because we had a big piano that my mother and father would play for me. They even taught me a few things. But I was never as good as them. Too bad I never will be. I had been hearing about conflict from Jews and Germans but I figured that since I was only 13, it didn’t matter even if I was a Jew. It was stupid and immature and now I am paying for it with my life.

It first started when my mother and I would go down to the grocery store and they wouldn’t let us buy anything because we were Jews. So, we had to go to different stores. I didn’t mind it like I should have. Then, lots of people stopped coming to my father’s candy shop because he was a “filthy son of Abraham” and I got angry. But it got worse. Oh, so worse. Next, the Nazis forced us to wear bracelets with the star of david on them, clearly stating that we were Jews. Soon after, we couldn’t even walk the streets without people hurting us and calling us filthy Jews. My mother made me stay home after that, saying it was too dangerous for me. Then, the most dreadful thing happened! A bunch of drunk Nazis broke into my fathers candy shop, stole almost ALL of the candy, then spray painted the star of david on the window so that nobody would come there! We lost a lot of money and now had no ways of making any. So, we started selling small items to either other Jews or sympathetic Germans. It was rough, but we were earning money.

Then, the Nazis forced us out of our home! So we each grabbed a few personal belongings and got out of there, on our way to the ghetto. I had taken an extra pair of clothing, a blanket, my favorite book, and a sewing kit if I needed it. My mother brought an extra pair of clothing, a blanket, a sewing kit, and a few pieces of nice jewelry. My father brought an extra pair of clothing, a blanket, the rest of our food, the rest of the candy from his shop, and a pillow for us all to share. When we were nearing the ghetto, it was a race! Everybody was running, trying to get a “good” room. But our room was definitely not my definition of good! It was about half the size of my bedroom, covered in filth and grime, and there were rats! Luckily though my father chased them out of the room. We then tried to make ourselves feel at home by  finding an old, big mattress, lying our blankets and pillows on it, then putting all of our other belongings in special places. Then, I explored the ghetto. I walked along the dirty streets, filled with scared, tired looking people who just wanted to survive. I saw children playing with rocks. I saw two women fight over a piece of bread. I saw people selling their items: their jewelry, their books, their clothes, even their pets! Just for money for food. It was heartbreaking. While I was exploring, I saw a long and tall brick wall being built. When I asked what it was for someone explained it was to keep us out. I stayed away from the brick wall. I also spent my time reading my book over and over and sewing up holes in my clothes after exploring. One day, while I was reading, I wondered how we would keep track of the days. So I decided to start scratching it into the walls. But first I had to know the day! There was a man I knew who had a calendar on the next floor so I went up to him and asked. He said it was March 17, 1939. So I went back to our room and wrote it down.

Finding food was tough. But I did it for my family. My mother or father would sometimes help while the other would keep watch of our room and our stuff. Occasionally we would find some dry bread but it was mostly rotten vegetables. But, you’ve got to eat! So we did. And it kept us alive. I was grateful.  After about 3 weeks, they took my mother away. They took her to go sew uniforms for the Nazis. But before she left she make us both promise we would sell her things for food. We promised.  Then she was gone. I cried. I haven’t seen her since. I think she’s dead. But I did what she told me to and I sold her extra clothes and her jewelry. It got my father and I 4 roasted squirrels, 2 apples, and 1/2 a loaf of bread. That night we both feasted. I did keep her blanket and sewing kit though because they were useful. I added her sewing kit to mine and now my father and I had 2 layers of blankets. Live went on. Slowly, painfully. The ghetto looked more and more different everyday. Everybody was filthy and smelled horrible. People were sick, starving. People were lying dead on the street, wrapped in newspaper. But the worst thing I saw was the Nazi Jews. Jews ashamed of who they were, trying to make it up by trying to be a Nazi. Hurting Jews. Bad. Holding clubs, ready to swing. Or already swinging. I saw one swing a club so hard so many times at a little girl that she died right there on the street. Nobody did anything but me. I wept. She was just a little girl! When I asked what she did all the Nazi Jew did was snicker and say, “She was breathing.” I wanted to kill him. But I didn’t. Couldn’t. I continued to weep. I ran home.

Soon afterwards, my father became ill. Very ill. And I had no idea what it was or what to do. So I made him lie on the mattress, covered him in all of our blankets, his head rested on the pillow. I found an old, rusty soup can, filled it with water, then made a fire and put it over to boil. Next I got some of the rotten vegetables that we had, broke them up as much as I could, then put them in the water and made soup. It smelled so good, I was tempted to try it. But it was for my father, so I gave it to him. He was thankful. But it didn’t help, nothing could. On May 5, 1939 my father died from a sickness I didn’t even know. I didn’t know what was worse: the fact that my father was gone from me forever or seeing him go away from me on a cart with others who had died. All I could do was stand there and cry as I watched him go farther and farther away. It felt like days before I could go back to our room, but only hours had passed. By the time I returned, what little possessions we had were gone. A new family   was huddled in the room that had once been mine. I had no strength to protest. I was forced to roam the streets, looking for food, trying to stay alive. Weeks passed and I could find myself starving. A few days ago in my search for food I saw a Nazi Jew being tormented by a group of boys. They were hurting him and calling him names, but he was too slow to catch them. He got very, very angry. But they escaped. And I was now the only one in sight. “YOU FILTHY STUPID JEWS!!!!” he yelled. And not even at the boys. At me. But I was so weak and tired, all I did was stand there in shock. He grabbed a piece of wood and took out all of his fury. He hit me so many times and so hard on my left arm that the bones in my left arm snapped. I screamed. A lot. But he kept going. He next aimed for my knees, hitting them again and again until, one by one, both of my knee caps shattered and I dropped to the ground in agony, still screaming. That’s all I could do, was scream. I just wanted the pain to go away! But the Nazi Jew had one last blow. He raised the wood, and with full force, hit my face. Everything went black.

When I woke up I was on the cart. But I wasn’t dead! So I slowly, painfully dragged myself off the cart, dropping myself on the ground. I couldn’t walk because of my knees but luckily a 13 year old boy I had known from school, Marwin Kuhn, saw me and dragged me over to a building and propped me up against the wall. He then found the cleanest shirt he could and ripped it into many strips. He used two strips to wrap up my knees. Then he took one and dipped it in dirty water and cleaned my face. Next he took pieces and made a sling for my arm. After that he found me a blanket and pillow and tried to make me as comfortable as possible.

For the past couple of days, he has stayed right beside me, talking to me. He still is here,  right beside me, keeping me company as I write this. Thank you Marwin. Thank you so much. I hope that an event such as this will never happen again. I feel that my time is up, and I am tired. I shall sleep. Hopefully, when I wake, I will be in my mother and father’s arms.


Annagret Freud